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At Independent Burger we have one passion, and that's keeping it real. Real Natural. So naturally we only use the freshest, 100% grass fed beef that we grind daily. Our chicken and turkey are free range and free of hormones, steroids and cage free.
All our bread is baked daily here with the freshest ingredients, from wheat to gluten free. The organic produce we use is locally home grown and only use cholesterol free, TFF and micronutrient rice bran oil in our fyers for our natural, organic hand cut fries.

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Raised by a small group of family farmers, our cattle is free to roam on open pastures, receives a nature-intended grass diet and is never administered antibiotics or hormones.
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Our menu

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Burgers, sides, salads, desserts
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Liquor, beer, wine
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5001 N. Mesa Suite 1-A at Montecillo - 915.584.5453

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